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I have been trying to figure out a simple way to reward surfers even more apart from you guys already being awarded with bonus pages that give out credits & cash, cash surfing, the surfbar giving out free upgrades and our weekend free credits. So I figured I would set up some kind of contest that I will setup daily or every second day that will award users who are consistently surfing but not over surfing. Over surfing exchanges is considered power surfing and can be seen bad from an advertisers point of view as they are trying to get their offers seen by new faces on a daily basis. So I figured with these contests I would randomly draw 3 people each day who have surfed between 500-1000 pages using a new site I found called RandomPicker.com which will allow me to showcase links directly to the contest page/winners page with them which allows their system to generate the winners so you know it is not rigged. The contest will have 3 different prizes so each day there should be up to 3 winners.

You will likely sometime soon see a contest link near the top of your members area in which you can click and see the current contests or current winners. If you see that you are a winner simply send in a support ticket and I will credit your account with your prize!

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