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Manual Traffic Exchange Tips and Tricks

Manual Traffic Exchange Tips and Tricks
There is an art to making the most of every Manual Traffic Exchange (MTE). When looking for either a free or inexpensive method of promoting your affiliate programs, websites or other links, MTEs are the way to go. Learning to surf faster earns you more credits and gets you better website results.

Here are some valuable surfing tips and tricks to get thousands of free targeted visitors to your website faster and more efficiently.

  • Use splash pages which work better than full screen website pages. You have typically only ten to thirty seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and interest.
  • Minimize the flash animation and graphics for a very quick page load.
  • Check back periodically to make sure that your website’s url links are still working. Broken links waste valuable credits and visitor views.
  • Stick to the manual traffic exchanges because they are more efficient than banner impressions or even text advertisement hits. Don’t trade sure for unsure credits.
  • Use the credits you’ve earned at the end of each surfing session. Some manual traffic exchanges automatically allocate the credits and put them to work quickly. Check to see what your TE does and adjust so that your credits are always working to grab new visitors to your site.
  • Cash in on any bonuses or rewards that earn extra credits while you are surfing. Sometimes when you are surfing too fast trying to earn your credits you miss the free extra credits being offered from the manual traffic exchange.
  • Stay focused. It is easy for you to get sidelined by the sites that grab your interest. Just bookmark any sites that are noteworthy or even write down the website’s address so that you can really peruse it later when you are not surfing.
  • Learn to surf in multiple tabs so that you are surfing between six to eight manual traffic exchanges all at the same time. The name of one efficient multi-surfing software package can be found at TEBrowser.com and this software allows instant login and multiple surfing options that help you to surf more than 60 % faster.
  • Upgrade your internet service from your internet service provider to high speed internet if this method of earning free website traffic is working for you. Browsing with dial-up access is slow and can become very frustrating as each credit is more difficult to earn.
  • When you find manual traffic exchanges that are functioning efficiently and work well for your promotions, examine the options for upgraded membership, evaluate the offer and if reasonable use this upgraded membership option right away. Upgraded members’ benefits often include free credits and better credit ratios while you are surfing.

These manual traffic exchange tips and tricks will help you to make the most of your surfing and credit gathering experience if you stay focused and use them to your best advantage.


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