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I just wanted to take the time today to point some of you guys in the rite direction in regards to making money online using traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges can be a great way to get traffic to your sites which can result in a ton of leads or sales if done correctly. I suggest you guys build lead capture pages so you are collecting the users data such as “First Name” and “Email” so you can market to them more than once. Having people on your list allows you to continue to market to them in the future and will lead to way more leads and sales.

Here are some steps and tools to help you get started:
Step 1 – Build out a simple lead capture page that offers something of value whether that is tips or something free. You can get your own website for as little as 5$ if you do not have one!
I recommend Godaddy cheap domains here. Godaddy is the perfect place to get started as they have cheap .coms and cheap hosting.

Step 2 – Sign up for theĀ  Aweber deal here (first month free) we go you! Not only does Aweber allow you to build your list by giving you the forms to easily put on your landing page to capture your visitors “First name” and “Email address” but they allow you to send newsletters and automated follow up responses to each and everyone who joins your list.

Must SeeView this video here and see how any website owner/future owner can increase signups by over 429%. Yes it is that powerful JUST WATCH the video! I personally use this to bring in hundreds of leads each month!

Now is a great time to take action so you can start making more money online and spend less time surfing! If you guys need any help whatsoever feel free to add us on Yahoo and we can answer any follow up questions you may have! We love seeing our users succeed and will go out of our way to make this happen!

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