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Encouraging your Downline to Upgrade Puts Money in your Pocket

Encourage your Downline
Encouraging your downline to upgrade puts money in your pocket. Plain and simple. When your downline upgrades you are rewarded with commissions, usually in the form of credits. Using these credits to promote your sites is a great way to get your product seen. You may think that it’s not a big deal to sign up new members, but just remember, it doesn’t cost them anything more than they’d normally have to pay for a membership so signing up under you puts no burden on either you or them. They’re getting a great deal on some cheap advertising and in return you get a bunch of credits for helping them find the site. It’s a win / win situation. offers some of the most generous commissions available from any traffic exchange on the internet. They give you 25c per new member you sign up, but the real kicker is that you get a 50% commission on all Pro members you recruit one level below you. That’s right 50%. So if you can sign up new members to any site, you may want to consider this site to recommend to them. With that sort of pay out scheme it would be easy to quickly recover any costs you paid for credits and your membership on Trafficreturn. is a new site that is quickly taking off. The fact that it was only started recently is a good thing as it is not oversaturated and you can get in before critical mass, they also have many angles of promotion which yields good results.  It means that not many people have heard about it yet and if you tell them, chances are it will be the first they’ve ever heard of the site. Then when you mention the 50% payout the wheels in their head will start to turn then they realize: They only have to sign up two members and they’ve recovered their pro membership fees. If they sign up four recruits then they’ve just doubled their money. So not only are you getting a membership to a fresh new site that can help promote your splash pages, you also have the benefit of a legal and easy way to make money, simply by recruiting.

As with many traffic exchanges, does not allow any non-English sites, so you’ll want to make your splash pages in English with links to other versions of the page in other languages, for example you can have pictures of flags for the links to your splash pages which have been translated into other languages. You can join TrafficReturn Free today and get up to 600 bonus credits.

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