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Duplicate Your Sites, Banner Ads and Text Ads

Duplicate Your Ads
So you want to get more visibility than your competition within manual traffic exchanges? An easy way to do this would be to duplicate your ads within your account, this will give them more visibility as they fill more slots within our inventory.  This will not only get your ad seen more it will give you traffic more quickly as the odds of your site/banner/text ad being seen over someone with just one site/banner/text ad  added being seen are greater. Basically by adding more you can push out some other sites and get impressions more quickly, the default setting on FREE accounts let’s you add 20 url’s, 10 banner ads and 10 text ads.

If you only have one site you should try adding it 19 more times, in most cases the programs you promote will have alternative splash pages and landing pages you can use, so I only suggest adding 19 of the same site if you only have one link to promote, the same goes with the text ads and banner ads, with the text ads you can easily create new titles and ad copy for each ad.

This is a little trick that will help your ads get seen and receive more impressions, with bigger ad networks people will pay a higher CPM (cost per impression) simply because their ads are being seen first which results in a higher click thru rate and conversions. The same applies for manual traffic exchanges if you really want to get ahead of the game on your competition!

This is the main reason people will surf, upgrade and buy credits within one traffic exchange so they can get the maximum exposure for their dollar!

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